Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Big Finale!

James Kane
Leading Researcher in the Science of Loyalty

This presentation was absolutely amazing and changed my outlook on public relations, communication, business and human kind in general! He began by presenting in a way that told his story and allowed people to find personal commonalities with him as he presented. The main takeaways I learned from his presentation are listed below:

- People follow those who they feel they can identify with
- As PR professionals we are hired to make someone's life or business safer and easier... This is what they expect from us... what they don't expect from us is to make their life better... but this is what will inspire loyalty.
- We do not judge our experiences by the outcome, we judge them by the process
- Being able to understand people is the goal
- Understanding allows you to make the lives and businesses of your clients not only safer and easier but better


Madelyne Van Hoff

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